CMS: Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress Development

Powerful CMS software that gives you control over your website

Product pages, copy, blogs, video, images, audio, rich media files – whatever your website needs, Seal-World content management systems let you add it yourself.

It means no more paying for small tweaks and amendments. You and your team can upload and alter content fast (rather than relying on web designers).

CMS software (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress etc) is built for business, with all the flexible functions you need. Get in touch to discuss how we can build it into your site.

Easy Content Management

Simple, quick and zero hassle. content management lets you:

  • Quickly upload videos, images, audio files and rich media content in a couple of clicks (including PDF, WAV, MP3, JPG and Flash files)
  • Specify editing and administration permissions to manage your workflow and access
  • Create new pages, templates, content areas and navigation tabs
  • Access your CMS anywhere online through a browser-based interface
  • Build pages and posts that search engines love
  • Work with all major operating systems – and business-friendly databases such as SQL


(Oh, and if you’ve got something specific in mind for your content management system, our specialist in-house website developers can help make that happen.)

User and SEO-friendly

A problem with some content management systems is that they generate poor code for the search engines (such as random URLs). Our CMS software makes it easier to create Google-friendly pages without digging into the code.

As for the knowledge required to operate the system…

…You wont have to learn any complex technical details, or master HTML or CSS. Using our web content management system is as easy as using a word processor.

Update your site wherever you are

Many of our clients need to make changes on the go. Our browser-based access means that you can amend your content wherever you are – provided you can get online. It’s the perfect solution for teams with remote workers or freelancers in different locations.

What next?

If you’d like to know more about our CMS, or want to know how we can build a website with integrated content control for your business, get in touch.

We’re happy to talk over the phone or face-to-face – (We’re rated the leading CMS development company in Niger Delta, Nigeria – so click here to contact us).