Online Store, eCommerce website, Payment gateway in Nigeria

Seamless eCommerce website design from login to checkout

Well-designed shopping carts and eCommerce features coud mean increased sales, higher average basket price and better customer retention for your business intergrating Nigerian Payment Gateway and Other Payment Gateway That accept Merchant in Nigeria.

That’s why we put clean, secure and intuitive design at the heart of our eCommerce services. You can expect:

  • Quick, secure payment processing and easy-to-use checkout systems
  • Powerful search functions that help customers find exactly what they need
  • Fast loading times – to stop you from losing impatient visitors
  • Seamless navigation – user-tested design that works across browsers and mobile devices
  • Integrated security badges and reassuring copy to combat fear of fraud
  • Payment Gateway – Nigerian Owned by Major Banks and Foriegn Payment Gateway

Lose fewer customers…

The easier a user can find what they’re looking for, and the more secure your site, the more likely your customers are to trust you and keep coming back.

Our approach is to create a seamless, simple order process. We can create fast one-page checkouts that make buying from your site as easy as a few quick clicks.

Connected eCommerce

We like to make sure that our eCommerce web design services fit with your other online efforts, including:

  • Search engine optimised product pages
  • Integrated marketing functions, such as email capture, RSS and paid subscription delivery
  • Social media links, favourite items lists and cross-selling built in to product pages
  • Analytics and automated reports to help your track and measure customer behaviour

Stress-tested eCommerce website design

As with all of our website development projects, we load-test every site before launch. We’re able to simulate extremely demanding levels of live traffic – identifying any areas that need improvement before they’re seen by customer eyes.

What next?

We’ve built high-converting, SEO-friendly eCommerce websites for some great clients. If you’d like to work with us, get in touch for a free quote and consultation.

If you want to meet up, we’ll come to you, or you can come to us. (You’re welcome to come have a coffee and meet the team in any offices…)