Photography Agency Nigeria: Carrot Pictures goes online

Project Description

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Web Development
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Photography Agency Nigeria

Carrot Photography has the reputation of being one of the leading photography agency in Nigeria offering family, wedding and corporate photography and videography.

Why Seal-World was choosen

The Consultant which was responsible for the development of concept and branding website had a test for excellence, we are always striving to incorporate proven technologies into The projects. We were aware of the use of existing photography sites and its resounding success. Seal-World had stable platform to develop website, the consultant didn’t have to look very far. Seal-World has the flexibility, and the ability to scale well and these were two key factors in our decision making process.

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome):

Project Goals:

  1. Implement a content management system that would allow the Agency to easily keep track of, update, and display to the pictures on the gallery, events that would be taking place.
  2. Create a record of events preserved for posterity. (As such having a website that was developed with valid markup was of utmost importance to us).
  3. Create a media archive of events and historical moments in our past.
  4. Develop a website that can be easily scaled to include new features should they be required during the period of the celebrations.
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