VSAT, Broadband Internet Installation

Seal-World Technologies Limited delivers a wide range in satellite technology. We can effectively proof the flexibility and freedom of choice when using our VSAT Internet products/solutions. The range of usage are as follows:-

  • High-speed Internet access for ISP, Cyber cafe, Banks, Universities & Other tertiary institutions, Government establishments, Hotels, Research institutions, Blue-chip Companies & corporate offices.
  • IP Backbone connectivity for telcoms, financial institutions and small business.
  • VPN – Interconnecting branch offices globally in an efficient and secured manner.
  • Voice and Fax (VoIP)
  • Video Conferencing Setup
  • Server Replication
  • Software Distribution.
  • Server Security.
  • POS Systems.
  • Alarm and Surveillance Systems.

Seal-World Technologies Limited will help you create the business case and implementation plan for the applications most likely to match your current and future requirements.

Structured Cabling, Networking & Wireless Fidelity (Wifi)

Information Dissemination can only be effective when your resource is linked together with a primary aim of sharing resources and reducing cost. Walcom makes use of industrial standards when designing the ideal topology or network scheme for your Local Area network (LAN), VPN, or WAN. Our certified engineers would carry out a through site survey and map out the best for laying shielded Category 5e structure cables, terminate and consistent data throughput.

We can also configure Wireless Fidelity networks or integrate them with existing LAN using wireless G, 802.11b routers and access points. A lot of clients have asked us to setup wireless networks for them at home and share their internet access with their love ones.

Be truly mobile even in the home.